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This is the story of my Adirondack buck, and it goes like this. For many years my family has had a portable camp in the Adirondacks and is located approximately three miles from any motor vehicles, so you can imagine what work is involved in hunting in the BIG WOODS.

All hunting season I had hunted hard trying to run on to a great buck like the ones family members had taken in the past. I don’t really consider myself an inexperienced hunter but I am in no way a pro. I do enjoy listening to other experienced hunters and what they have to say and then trying to implement it to my style of hunting.

On the last Thursday night of the season, my brother Brad and I sat around the camp in the lantern light enjoying a little story telling. We were talking about scent lines, cover scent, food plots, hunting in wind, and in sun, uphill or downhill in the morning or night. After we educated each other in a redneck sort ‘a way, we decided a plan for a long hunt and to explore some new territory in the morning.

We were up early the next morning with a good breakfast eaten and lunches packed. I was dressed and ready to go a little ahead of my brother, so I started out of camp and hunted slow till Brad caught up. There was a fresh four inches of fluffy snow that had fallen the night before. As I hunted my way down the trail I watched some ruffed grouse sneaking off through the underbrush and did not notice that I had crossed some steaming fresh deer tracks.

I felt like I was being watched. That is when I turned around to see this ten point buck starring at me! It was an awesome sight to see. The buck was standing looking over its snow covered back watching every move I made. As I stood there admiring this magnificent animal I realized that this is what I have been waiting for all season. I stood there, it seemed like forever, but quickly drew up my 30-. 06 and fired one shot. Meanwhile Brad was on his way out to catch up to me and could not figure out why I shot.

Very quickly I turn on my two-way radio and told him to head up the hill to cut the deer off on the pass. As he ran up the hill he asked, “How big of a buck is it?” Not that I was excited, I replied, “You can’t miss it, it is as wide as an ATV!” While Brad tried to cut the deer off, I snuck over to where the deer was standing and did not like what I saw. So I called Brad back to where I was and we started to track this monster and found a weak bloodline.

We decided to push the deer a little and see if we got more blood or less. Our luck was good and the deer started leaving a nice bloodline. At this point we stopped and conversed over where the deer was heading so one of us could get in front of it and maybe get another shot. As I button hooked around the deer to get ahead of it I crossed its bloodline.

Brad button hooked around me to get between the river and the deer to cut it off again and I followed its track! All of this time we are keeping in radio contact so we know where the deer is headed. Brad got to a place where he has seen deer cross before and I started to follow the blood trail. As I followed the blood it got heavier. I kept in radio contact with Brad, “he’s going west”, “he’s going north”, he’s going south keep your eyes peeled!” “Now he’s heading north.”

Brad heard something coming through the brush straight for him. So he shuts the radio off! That way my history report of every foot track the deer left does not spook the buck coming straight for him. As I step around an uprooted tree the buck was laying there looking at me just feet away. I fired the last shot!

Brad comes back on the radio and I tell him that I got it but it is not as big as it looked as it ran from me the first time I saw it. To this day we do not know what was about to bust out of the brush in front him. On Brad’s way up to meet me he stopped to camp and got the deer cart. He asked on the radio if I needed anything from camp or if he needed his gun.  I said, “I guess not!”

I thought for a minute could not figure out why he would not want his gun, (just in case he saw a buck on his way up to me.) Well our camp tradition is that if you get a buck then everyone at camp that day gets to take a shot at your hat. (When it is hanging in a tree!) Well I forgot about it until Brad shows up with his gun! Next thing you know I am the proud owner of a hat with a hole in the brim!

So back to camp with a nice buck, a quick cup of coffee and back to the original hunt planed. After this hunt I decided that when hunting the BIG WOODS being in the right place at the right is the only way to get big bucks! 



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